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Secure Overcast is a Cyber Security Services provider helping businesses solve challenging security technology problems quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Combining in-depth knowledge in security technology and extensive experience in security solutions architecture, Secure Overcast helps clients reach their security goals, and deliver quality security solutions to help protect their business.

Secure Overcast solutions span all areas of cyber security with primary focus on Managed Security Services (MSS), Vulnerability & Risk Assessment, Penetration Testing, and Auditing & Compliance. Our products - originally in-house secuity solutions focused on making our cleints businesses mores secure - later extended to the security community via our Product Development Team to offer a robust set of innovative security product offerings.

We specialize in security solutions development and managed security services, but our primary focus is cyber security consulting services - cyber security is what we do! We are experts in the Products, Tools, Methodologies, Policies and Practices around cyber security technology and applying that technology to protect your business!
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"If I had to select a candidate to perform a penetration test on a client network, the Secure Overcast team would get the job every single time! " - Wells Fargo Bank
 "The utmost quality and professionalism in everything they do!" - Barclays Bank
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